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Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® 360 Compact is a new, small Virtual Reality Welding Simulator for mobile-use in multiple environments. It provides a flexible, powerful, cutting-edge solution for cultivating welding talent quickly and resourcefully. The cost-effective small-sized solution offers superior graphics, which creates the most realistic and responsive welding puddle available and it convinces with accurate sounds and movements. With the new VRTEX® 360 Compact, virtual welding training can seamlessly transfer into real-world, hands-on welding training.
The VRTEX® 360 Compact offers welding training and optional thermal oxyfuel cutting training in one virtual device. This unique feature enables students to also experience torch cutting in a virtual environment. Every aspect of the thermal oxyfuel cutting feature is designed to address real-world cutting applications – from setting up the torch to executing the cut.

Compact size, mobile & remote use

  • Small footprint
  • Dimensions: 38,2 cm height, 46,2 cm length, 29,4 cm width
  • Easy to transport
  • Optional pelican cases available
  • Appropriate learning in small groups
  • Option to utilize without headset to reduce shared tools
  • Remote learning: stream VRTEX use (video conference software)

Virtual welding simulations:

  • Simulated processes: GMAW (Short Circuit, Spray, Pulse), GTAW (with Filler, Pulse with Filler, without Filler), FCAW (Gas Shield, SelfShield), SMAW (E7018, E 6010, E60139)
  • Realistic simulated base materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium – with realistic look & feel, with the individual welding sound
  • Filler material: Stick Electrode, included E6010, E6013, E7018, MIG Wire, included 0.035” ER70S-6, 0.045” ER70S-6, 0.052” ER70S-6, ER4043, ER308L, Flux Core, included E71T-1, E71T-8

Purchase add-ons

  • Oxyfuel Cutting feature with simulated torch
  • Large welding stand


  • Retractable SMAW stick stinger, GMAW/FCAW gun and GTAW TIG torch, filler metal and adaptive foot pedal devices realistically simulate the look, feel and action of actual welding guns and torches
  • Practice flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead 5G and 6G
  • Included foot amp control


  • Welding theory included
  • Embedded lessons on safety and measurement

Curriculum & training

  • GMAW, SMAW & FCAW curriculum books on an USB stick
  • Free training available
  • Welding procedure specification booklet to replicate proper machine set-up

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